Hit The Jackpot Songtext
There's a first time for everything and we have come to that time
From this moment on we will now take people to the top of the world
When they discovered us they hit the jackpot yo
I bet they all wanna hit the jackpot though
but you gotta pay dues to hit the jackpot homie
now presenting the one and only, USU...

You can't win if you don't play, HEY HEY HEY [x3]
Looks like it's time to get paid we hit the jackpot

Now for the U Sound shot givin' up what I got
It's a lot cause I'm hot wreckin' the spot
Sensation for your nation, man I use to be patient
The floor is wondering will I ever got to go on tours
But then I stare plickeded I just kick wicked flows
And where will it stop? Nobody knows
I'm straight up Park Side Avenue on the east coast
Four years back make a track to the west (never the less)
All the Philly homies still clock snap clots
But in Phoenix they got gats to bust caps (bang bang)
Cause ain't nothing gonna change it's sll staying the same
So I remain whipped how it goes to make a name for me
Say Abdula microphone ruler
The skills to be ill kids be chill cause I can school ya
Like my man Schooly carrying a toolie
In the streets listen to beats no one can fool me
(Now planet Earth get down) we use sound
There's only a few down with us cause I don't trust
Too many, but I bet we make a penny or two
Just doing just what we do at the U.S.U.
And it's like that, flex and I'll fight back
I'm strapped and I'm black and attack with phat raps
Something to kick the doors in like cops at crack spots
Zeb is through you as you just hit the jackpot

[Scratching "hit it"]

Here we come but were we from
Homies the ones and onlys
MTL it's the motor mic cable stable
Plus my DJ's willing and able on his one and two turn table
Down with Trouble Makers (no fakers)
Ground breakers may be comfortably rolling luxury Japanese
Cars always find us where the happening are
Super phat production build beats like construction
Iller then the criminal that perform sudduction
Everything MTL say I wrote on my own paper
Constantly compose underground capers
Nothing can stop us yet, rhymes I'm a major threat
Bounty hunter like Boba Fett, pulling snaps don't fret
Or fuss cause you just can't trust
The style when I make it wild then switch it up
Now your stuck out of luck we will blow up like nuclear war struck
And I'll be damn if can you duck
And I keep props stack like jackpot got stacks of cash
Nothing small for the man who wins it all
Cause life is like luck if you don't have some
Then you can't get none understand now son?
I mean sick man kids with no sense usually get rich
That's why me crew Trouble Makers won't switch
My mind's sick but smart like a professor
Not a crackpot, MTL is through the U.S.U. just hit the jackpot

[Hook x2]

When I was one years old I made my first dollar bill
Ever sincee then I grew big and not small but still
There was times in my life when dad was straight broke
But now a lot of folks know my song is no joke
So everyone around get down to what I got
Not confusing but I'm bruising anyone that trys to take my jackpot

A lot of people pull the lever but no one can give a reason better
That we should keep here together forever
And a mystical magnificent mysterious miracle man
Has a dramatic lyrical plan
Blueprints to make gens turn to fat bank accounts
Think about what you wish cause it's something you may get
We wrote this song for 92 then remixed it for 96
As times goes by quick U.S.U. ain't do hit jackpot thick
Yo you can't win if you don't play, HEY HEY HEY
That's how the U.S.U. do we hit the jackpot

Yeah and ya don't stop on and on. Word is bond. Hit he jackpots