Hey Little Songtext
Hey Little One All You have to do is sing
You need a little help, and I won't be far away
Hey Little One it's more my fault than yours
The Life and breath that flows through you,
It was not your choice

But I love you
And I always will
You little thing, your bigger all the time
It won't be very long before your shadow crushes mine
And little one you may create the day
I never knew could be so be gentle on the way
Cause I love you and I always will

Hey little one, Oh I get so much joy
Watching over you at night, you're my awesome little boy
Even when I fear that world is closing in
It has no chance against the things that you have been
And you'll be beyond me, as sadly, on your own

Hey Little one, tonight it's you and me
I'll order what you like and we'll watch the old tv
I like a long night of waking from my dreams
Cause I lay in the quiet and it's like Christmas eve
Cause I love to, wait to see you