Here We Go Songtext
Here we go / we are the bestTogether we stand / ineast or in westHere we go / we are the firstWe are the number one in the worldHasn´t all been easybut shure that´s the way it isand we´ve beaten oftimesour hope was sinking lowIt takes time to make itit´s hard to take a look - at - thisBut at least we took the challangetogether we will goThey said that we are dreamerswe´re different from other folkIf we´re up on top tomorrowyou won´t hear it anymoreAnd the promises of thosewho´ll tell you that it was a jokePromises lie strandedlike shipwrecks on the shoreIn my memoryI always will seehow the yearsand dreams have gone byYou´ve always been sucha good friend to meand nothing will tear us apartWe stand togetherwe´ll finish what we have begunDreams of better fortunewithout no buck nor dimeNarrow streets of destinywhere everyone is on the runWe´ll hit this road togetheruntil end of time