Here Our Moment Ends Songtext


von Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

Here Our Moment Ends Songtext
Why does this darkness feel so black?
And why does the black make me feel so blue?
A black sun sets across your face, as silently you say
Baba don't cry, all in this world is not a lie
If I lived these dreams in a world that was true
Would I still be here singing these songs to you?
These songs, these words are all that I've ever had
They cannot fill this void in the heart of man
You see a shadow cast, twice the size of my hand
Chokes the lifeless throat of this holy land
So why don't we end this now, my soul is too tired to speak
Our voices tell nothing to this new day's break
I have seen it all, show me something new
But just give me some hope to put my kerosene heart into

For this kingdom is about to fall
We can build a new world
I know this city leaves you cold
Without love's tender hold
So triumphant we say
It starts today
Let the old fall away
For the dirt is truly gold
In your love's tender hold
Your love's tender hold