Hellborn Man Songtext

Northern Lite

von I Like

Hellborn Man Songtext
I'm all alone
and I'm saddle worn
I'm on the run
down this lonesome road

This lonely heart
don't ever mend
and the barrel of a lone man's pistol
won't be my end
Ain't got no friends
can't trust a soul
And the road to hell
is my lonesome road

I've never done
one thing outta love
I am proud of the terrible things I have done

I am the hell born man
and the life I live
is a life of sin
I don't know why
I'm the way I am
Please forgive me Lord
for I have
for I have sinned

The innocence
and the lives I stole
them broken hearts
and the endless woe
'em broken men
I've caused such pain
I'm sick and down to hell
in the tears of rain