Hard To Believe Songtext

Gavin Castleton

von Hypotenuse

Hard To Believe Songtext
Hard to believe
seven years went by this fast
hard to believe
all my friends are gone at last.
hard to believe
I built myself a lousy home
a pirate ship of styrofoam
a vessel everyone can see is sinking but me
hard to believe
I'm sick
hard to believe
I'm no doctor
hard to believe
I'm a dead man
I'm a goner, a comet, a kickstand.
hard to believe
I can't make Pepsi out of wine
I've ended up as Frankenstein
the only thing you'd pay to see
is my monster killing me
and I asked for help a million times
the warning signs were those wrinkled lines
and you saw them every night
I aged two years with every fight
I'm a blind giving tree that doesn't see when it's time to leave
and it's hard to believe
it's hard to believe...
[whine, whine, whine...]
all across the battlefield
my men are lying in their blood
so much suffering at my heels
even valiance sinks in mud.