Green Box Songtext
35 cash got me a new watch in a green box
I put it on right there on the spot and walked out
More styles than they got teeth in a shark's mouth
They respect it and know much better than to talk down
About anything associated with the Jet Life establishment
We not having it
Every girl want a doctor in Miami to become a badder bitch
She need brain surgery and upliftment not bigger lips
Hopped out something from overseas with the weed lit
But until my whole team got Lamborghinis I really feel like I ain't seen shit
Sliding to the booth not running
Then I slide in the coupe, your bitch in my room
I'm in your woman
I wore two rolexes on each arm when I fucked her
She loved it when I fucked her

Ask most people around the world to name the finest brand of wrist watch in the world
And the answer will usually be Rolex
A status symbol, Rolex is one of the world's most beloved luxury brands