Great Pleasures Songtext

Buen Chico

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Great Pleasures Songtext
Did you hear the one about the great pleasures of modern life,
Air conditioning and cheap flights.
Well it's OK, you've gotta fill your day with something.

Stop lecturing me I'm not a kid,
Stop going through my bins.
If you trying to make me think about my ways,
You're gonna get kicked in the shins,
If that's OK.
And if you wanna keep the world flying on in a straight line,
Well that's OK as long as you don't do it on my time.
And would you wash your dirty mouth out, before you speak to me, if that's OK.

And if you want some entertainment, why don't you plug it in?
And if you're looking for a piece of action the world can take one more on the chin,
If that's OK.

'Cos fun is different now, from how it's always been you know.
And laughing's different now, I thought that was clearly seen by everyone.
Talking to my friends - it just won't cut it
Kicking a ball in the park - it just won't cut it
'Cos fun is different now.