God's Hand Songtext


von God's Hand

God's Hand Songtext
We are all children of god

Here comes another one
He here comes another one
Demons die
D d demons die
I'm a god damn killer

Gimme me my list I got this sick vision in my head
I grip a axe in my fist
D demons die
Every time I trip n squeeze the life out of a haters neck
I got anger in my blood all pumpin through my chest
Gimme the weapons and a blessin as my anger manifest
I'm a monster worse than a public official with no conscience outta control you can't stop us
What nope not eva givin a fuck
I call sleepin with a dead bitch bleedin livin it up
Hell naw but I gets raw with wut I mus
My axe turn you into dust
Give it up to the west side wicked all day
We get it done
The only begotten sons don't play
I'm a ryda
And if you mutha fuckas lookin to survive
Change your life act right and get cannanized

I move smooth with the stealth of a stalker
Cept the 40 sounded like a suicide bomber
I bomb on ya the life force of karma
Be forcin my decision to get wicked and call slaugter
My enimies
The devil ain't no freind to me
My axe burns with the light of my destiny
I'm blessed to see
Blood on the river
Souls I deliver
Bitch I'm a god damn killer


Fuck the way in your brains
Takin my ginsu in your fuckin membrane
Is that for pain
I let it rain on a mutha fuckin bitch
And then I slain
So say my fuckin name in vane BONEZ DUBB
They call me that cause I'm ready for my fate
My wicked memories remind me of the hate
Not that I regulate
I rep the A X E
Slammin the blade up in your head
But I'm on the hunt for police
Gonna take one SHOT
Gonna hit the POT
Gonna fuck the COPS
Gonna watch them DROP