God Save Ireland Songtext
God Save IrelandHigh upon the gallows treeswung the noble-hearted ThreeBy the vengeful tyrantstricken in their bloomBut they met him face to facewith the courage of their raceAnd they went with soulsundaunted to their doomGirt around with cruel foesstill their courage proudly roseFor they thought of heartsthat loved them for and nearOf the millions true and braveo´er the ocean´s swelling waveAnd the friends inholy Ireland ever dearClimbed they up the rugged stairrang their voices out in prayerThen with England´s fatalcord around them castClose beside the gallows treekissed like brothers lovinglyTrue to home and faithand freedom to the lastNever till the latest dayshall the memory pass awayOf the gallant livesthus given for our landBut on the cause must goamidst joy and weal and woeTill we make our Islea nation free and grandGod save Ireland said the heroesGod save Ireland said they allWhether on the scaffold highOr the battlefield we die0, what matter whenfor Erin dear we fall