Goat And Ram Songtext
there is no god but god
god in your body which is mine
im in love with you with god
without children and in time

and once you have given your
body and demanded i give mine
we can be you and me
without children in time
just like anything
choice is neither yours or mine
to love with all that will be
without children in time

i can give into you
because i know that you are good
i can fall into you
lay and love in the winter months

poor you honey love
sky above silver cross power crossed

all is
all is
oh yes
goat and ram

all is
all is
oh yes

forever we watched things die
you hold me close
and so do i hold you

although we walk away
we walk away in time
rocks along the way
they rock the soil in my
im in love and theres music playing
a whole new love is fully singing
tthough fire burns and war is woven
the hands may strike
but still heres to loving