Gargolosh Songtext
go ahead and tell em when you're fallin on your face
and you need me
do i need you
don't come crawlin back to me when your life sucks
and just complain you need to let it go
I don't care to talk about how I screwed up
cause i don't care and it kills me to say that
whenever I'm alone and no one else is home
I always seem to find my way right back to you
and everything would be all right
if I could have a little taste tonite
and kill the empty space inside my head
I wish I could just sit back and watch you kill yourself
and destroy yourself mentally and physically
so tell me that I'm wrong which you've done all along
and it gets to that point and you just don't care anymore
and don't hold on too tight then everything's all right
why wont you just tell me when I'm right?
she tells me everything so I can just let go
she came back its over and she doesn't have to know
I don't know what you're thinkin i cant read your mind
and I wont tell if you wont
cause I don't have the time