Gangstas Do Dem Own Ting Songtext

Munga Honourable

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Gangstas Do Dem Own Ting Songtext
Yess, yess, yesssss,
Honourable, H2O, Selassi,

Gangstas do them own thing,
Never left them chrome thing,
Hail King Selassi first,
Ethiopians bun out the Pope and Rome thing,
Gangstas do them own thing,
Never left them chrome thing,
Munga praise Rastafari first, of course,
And that's a known thing, totally

[Verse 1:]
Now the pagans them a pre,
Me run Tavern true mi a link with Short Man and Stray D,
And you know seh mi flow them sick,
Me learn from Shango and Jay Z, that's right,
Me grip nine grow with tek nine's mack ninety's and KG's,
Better them stay cool like a/c ok,
Hey fool better, you stay cool,
Lightening me flash me no play pool,
You can't diss Don nor Liquid, DJ Wayne,
Chrome, Cool Face nor J- Kool,
Kingston, St. Mary to Port Morant,
Thug short tempered and ignorant,
Munga a real bad man,
Ask anybody from Tarrant

[Verse 2:]
Burn bad mind, we naw compromise,
When we set trend them a improvise,
Don rise two four five,
Mek them beat nsync like when the beat synchronize,
And I got one more thing to emphasize,
Pagan a bawl I naw sympathize,
Cause my gpattern beat like Corleon drum pattern,
When the phrase synthesize,
So stay tuned fi the 101,
I stay hotter then one o few,
ZJ Liquid run 103,
Big up mi thugs them from 104, yea,
Ketch the vibe pan 105
And we got more power than 106,
And a DJ Wayne run 107.7, everything level


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]