Fuckin Wit A Psycho Songtext


von Psycho Active

Fuckin Wit A Psycho Songtext
[Verse 1]
I had a vision of a murder
X-Raided sitting in a house with a 9 in my hand and a joint in my mouth
Straight fucking with that sisqo, it got me noid
I never should've started fucking with that 40
Now sprung out, stuck on the killa trip
Trippin like a motherfucker, but now I'm through with it
Got on the phone said "Amigo I'm on my way
My bitch is tripping, I need a place to stay"
she's talking to me like I got no brain
Cause of that sisqo, or cuz I'm insane
Brotha Lynch's been through the same thing though
But X-raided can be tripping over no hoe

So I got my 9 I was stressing
Trew out a lotionhead to keep em guessing
Went outside a house there was a dead bitch
That what she gets from marrying a lunatic
Im on that killa spree shooting that 9
Niggas dying cuz me and my bitch had a fight
I know its fuckedup and fooled but thats the price ya paying
Niggas fading my bitch is too when I sprung
See I dont give a fuck about shit
Even if ya know me I smoke ya and let you be a (dead homie)
show me that you're a lunatic like show and ya might live when ya fuckin wit
a psycho

[Chorus: x2]
Dont fuck with a crazy Motherfucker
Dont fuck with a (a motherfucking Psycho) Dont fuck with a b-

[Verse 2]
(Hell yeah) I did a walkby and the attitude I have is
Fuck everybody if they ain't from the ?? (fo' sure)
Little voices in my head got me doing dirt
The ever deaths of the murder painted on my shirt
Is it the sisqo that's fucking up my head? (maybe)
Ain't it crunchy for the thirst of a nigga dead
Was my bitch right, am I crazy?
Or am I thinking the worlds trying to fake me? (he is)
The only answer that I know is the killa chow
Watching his ass bleed the pillars of a riot punk
I got 2 homies meg0 and Brotha Lynch
They know I'm crazy but they just didn't get convinced
Yeah, now watch me kill this motherfucker
I cracked his spine, take two limbs like a titty rowsucker
I moved my pedals when I saw his body drop
His neck was broke and his spinal cord was popped
I can't be stopped (yeah), I got to take that fools life
I'm outta bullets so fuck it, I use my knife
Who's next to die don't know nobody no bitch stare
No telling when you're fucking with a psycho


[Verse 3]
I'm looking for a slida - some jack the ripper shit
So I take a bitch and stick a fat knife in her clit, watch her twit
My bricks turn to stone
Cause I love to hear a motherfucker scream in a scare tone
And then it's on, I'm digging in the dead bitch
She can't feel it but I gives a fuck I like the shit
I hear sirens, that's all I need to know
The cops is on their way, it's time for me to go
I hit a ?? and was headed for the house shot
On deuce 4 street the cops had a roadblock
'What the fucks next?' is what I'm thinking
I'm butt-naked and my plot is straight sinking
I grabbed the bitch who was standing on the corner
"You scream or hollah and I smoke ya, I won't budge."
I put the knife to her throat and yelled out
"Clear the street or this bitch's gon' get another mouth."
The cops is like "Right yeah, let the lady go."
I said "Hell no, I kill this bitch and that's on the fo'."
I had the bitch by her throat wouldn't let her go
She gotta die cause they're fucking with a psycho


[Verse 4]
(Fuck, picture this) (Cause I shot your punk ass in the midst)
Now I'm in a fuckedup spot but I got a cool plot
That I'mma use, and I'mma kill the hoe if they refuse
To let me go cause nigga I know what's up
If I cut the bitches throat then I'm fucked
The cops don't care about blowing a top of me
Cause I be delaying they coffee and donuts so
I thought about my plot I'mma kill the hoe
Based on the fact I put it on the motherfucking fo
Cop listen ya better drop ya weapon and do shit
Either that or I'm gonna let the bitch have it
The cops is like 'go ahead kill the trick'
probably cause the girl was a black bitch
I said okay and put the knife to her throat
I took a swing and then headed towards jumpo
They started blasting and blasting at me
About 20 shots, they never hit a nigga G
I was running low, trying not to get popped
Got chased by hundred white cops
I got shot then I dropped like c-lo
Just another day, in the life of a psycho