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Frozen Iron Songtext
Frozen Iron Übersetzung
Frozen Iron

Like sugar in the rain I felt the pain coming back again
Insane but a same kind of sound from the drain
But they they just laugh and they can't understand
and they spit in my face when they see me crash
and all the days of human race have been full of lies i despise that all the days in my case
I've been trying to move i've been trying to change

we are striking frozen iron
constantly we're going higher
from cradle to grave
seeking for something better we don't see what we have

like a poison in my blood they won't stop they eat me 'till i drop on the top
and i'm tough but i got to give up
impossible to say to walk your own way
unstopable the system we are in
i have to be a rebel and go and move against the flow
don't care about me i'm finally free
you can know it all
we can win or die
but i wanna make a change i wanna survive