From The Earth, At A Crossroad Songtext

The Cast Before The Break

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From The Earth, At A Crossroad Songtext
Chasin' down the demons in a getaway car, stitching an exit wound
They've been lost here for a couple of miles
Casting all their shadows on religious retreats, planning to spend the night
They'll be dead here in a matter of hours

As your shoulders turn on you, you're left with nothing but a spine

And how we dance! And how we sing!
They just stop and stare and stop and start the fuckin' riot.
An hour has passed, an hour to go
They just stutter speech and speak to spare the new messiah

Chasin' down the angels in their holiday suits demanding enlightenment
It won't be found here - heaven's closed for repairs
The bible tells it stories with a fancy facade, its message cannot compare
I would rather write my own rulebook

As a poet in contempt, I hold myself responsible for all the actions
I have taken in my time here on this earth
And all the victims in disguise are held accountable as such
Instead of fighting their own fate and crossing paths with the judge
Because if Jesus taught you everything then nothing's what you've learned
You could build islands with those hands but they're rejecting what they've earned
And if Jesus told you anything then nothing's what you heard
Your ears both form opinions while your mouth changes the words