For Minor Sky Songtext
Sane but yesterday
Wake up down in the rain
So it had to rain
Lost summed up even
This night wrecks my week
With all we keep
Hollowed out lift up nation
All of my minor sky's last July
Sleeping softly phasing out
I'm so socialized to break my ties
So undecided I whip my wings about it
I miss the spring up on it

Battle on fifths
It's a choice
It's the same way
In throws minor

Pages and pages we say a lot
Side step in trouble you know apparently
In throws minor

Well I still give all I got
I'll pass some anyway
In throws minor

Still I win
Wrap in what I say
Wrapped up in what I say
In throws minor

What I say lost in summer on the fruit tree
In throws minor

Left again
Shines on through
Shows past a memory
In throws minor

I been so ow man