Flipping Rhymes Songtext

Munga Honourable

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Flipping Rhymes Songtext
My brain keep flipping rhymez
Lips keep spitting lines
Left hand keeping time
Right hand grippin mine
Don't you play with mine [repeat]

[Verse 1:]
Ackee walk and J town don't play round
Common, Tavern, whole A town
Cassia Park bun fiya whole year round
So who nah bun fiya don't stay round. Yeah
St. Mary a my place,
Islington, Port Maria, Highgate,
Buff Bay girl dem pack up a my gate
And Annotto Bay seh Rastafari straight
Dem call me M to the U
Whole place lock wen me come through
So girlfriend, send fi you crew
Hollow Point, him want the one weh inna
Green and blue, Don want de one
Weh inna pink, and tell de one inna
Yellow Cool Face want de link
A we lock de place wha yuh tink
We got herbs to smoke and roots to drink.


[Verse 2:]
Hail King Selassie I di first when me get up
Do 40 push-up, do 30 sit-up
So me haffi firm and fit up
So me have me high grade fi smoke
Right afta me sip up, me sip up
Sneakers and Guess jeans zip up
Mummy T a change baby pampers weh piss up
Haile Selassie I orders me keep up
No matter bout who want lip up
Munga me touch de road and
Set the code, bun burdens and load
So me just go, block a reverence
And hold me order,
Me hail King Selassie the father
It was about ten o'clock
Someone call me phone, who, yow
A Don Corleone, him have a new riddim
And three girl wid him and a guy
Just diss and him well want me kill him