Fire Up The Shoe-Saw (lyric Version-CD-2) Songtext


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Fire Up The Shoe-Saw (lyric Version-CD-2) Songtext
There's a hunter on a trail
Got a track to follow
There's a dust cloud, there's a tail
Fill a sack with sorrow
In a second: still to panic
Blood turns to nitroglycerin
Got him scurryin'
It's a black. Back of his mind
Nowhere to find place to hide or to rest
Collapse to the beat of the world in his chest
Can he find it? (x5)

There are secrets in the hills
With the furrows, brows of the motherland
Omni chambers. Lots and ills
From a time when they spoke of another kind of living
The power to be one with the creatrix
A trinity of power like a matrix
In synch, this link to the source
A river and its course

Living water where money flows
Molds the landscape to what it knows
Stranger running. Running from fear
Danger size never looked so clear
And its faces claim to be places pure
But how can a love be achieved by a warlike state
When it's already in your power to be great
But have to steal or appear to effect
Your every act is live and direct (x4)