Feed The Bears Songtext

Peter Gresser

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Feed The Bears Songtext
After the bombs went off we all went underground
Into our shelters so we could reemerge some day

After fifteen long years
We sent out our scout robots
To take a survey make sure that everything was okay

The samples all came back
Saying that war was over
Inviting us to all step out into the sun

And so we packed our things
We left our bunkers empty
We were all confident that humanity had won

But monkeys had evolved
Into intelligent life forms
Like we had ignored that they had been all along

The dolphins walked ashore
Carrying a great harpoon
To illustrate just how badly we had been wrong

Survivors were brought forth
Before a dog tribunal
A trial date was set and the judge read off the crimes

Our flight risk was assessed
Bail set at twenty billion
And we resigned ourselves
To a life of doing time.

And none of us escaped
The ocelots all kept us in our cages like
We were animals in a zoo

The elephants came by
And said the world had been much better off once we thought that we had been rid of you

So here we are, our captors are
The pets we ignored when we just didn't want to care.

Remember please, that signs can lie to you
And some days you should go out and feed the bears.

You should feed the bears
You should feed the bears
You should feed the bear