Farewell (Stuck In Park) Songtext

Jake Weezner

von End The Breaking

Farewell (Stuck In Park) Songtext
I said farewell when I meant to say I'm sorry
The words were there, but they came out as a cry
I don't know how, but I never meant to care
Like I do so long after our pair
I feel like I'm looking back
Through the big back window of the car of life
Watching as you exit ramp
Watching as we part
And I look one last time into your eyes
All I see is my shattered tries
Making me want 1 more shot
Making me want more
And as I am lost in your eyes
A tear of remorse comes to mine
I wish you, bid you farewell
I don't want to, but I bid you farewell

I try to live in a single way
I try to go about my day
I try to sing my life away
But I'm stuck in park
And farewell screams my name
And the regret brings me pain
What could have been is a constant thought
What might have been is all I want
And I sit stuck in park