Fake Smile Songtext


von Love

Fake Smile Songtext
fucking liar, your poisoned talk it hurts so much
to see you turn from friend to foe, to see you burn all that we've got
can't trust you any longer cause you fucked it up
turned gold to shit
time to finish it

for what you've done to us you're not existing anymore
"forever" we swore.. but now it's something you ignore
no words for my deception when all yours were illusion
control my frustration all your lies are desolation

cheating, hurting, fucking, sucking
you talk but love but you turned gold to shit
proofed that you're not worth it so we finish it

you turned your back on me and now I see your real face
sincerity at half mast you're just a disgrace
talk is cheap, talk is cheap and you will sow what you reap
there's no wheigt to your words but you keep talking shit

why don't you just tell the truth?
is it that hard to take a stand for what you did and do?
to show respect to those that love you

better start to run
before your fake smile turns into a chelsea one

(Dank an Ulf Smaul You are Dismissed für den Text)