Empty Box Songtext
and all i have is an empty box and nothing to show that ive gained but gaining isnt everything and losing is the way it's been for quite some time this pride i lost its all ive had inside these hands that let go of these broken dreams that fell apart right at the seams that tried to hold so tightly on to something that was always gone im walking down this street again and nothing is the same again and somethings never change again and everythings the same i think i got kicked down again but the blame remains on me again youre looking at the ground again i got fucked over once again so baby baby dont you cry hold up your head and dry your eyes pretend theyve got nothing on you but you and i know damn well that thats not true and all those bruises from the past the ones that left you black and blue they say that time will heal these wounds but time is always standing so still sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.