Dreaming A Reality Songtext

Senses Fail

von From The Depths Of Dreams

Dreaming A Reality Songtext
Is this what it's like?
A dream lacking serenity?
A wordless conversation, a "you and I" without me.

Well I try and I won't get far,
I'll die and I won't get far
I'll try and know that everything's ok

So I guess this is where I lie
where the days are endless and the nights, they just don't belong.

Dreaming my reality
where truth and fiction don't seem to exist
Confusion is home here, but believe in you is what you insist (it's what you insist)

Nights, don't belong, the nights, don't belong, and the nights, they just don't belong.

(Nights don't belong) I'll never be ok, as long as I'm dreaming a reality.