Dr. Birds Songtext


von Wwcd

Dr. Birds Songtext
Ah, ayo
Brr, brr

Ayo, I'm in Salvatore makin' Salaat, Bentayga in three flavors
Shoot the nigga now, know we'll speak later (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Up the Whitney, got the MAC with me
Hid behind the Warhol, dip to Bergdorf, shot up the whole store (Brr)
Cherry '57, in the 'Bach learnin' lessons (Skrrt)
Crack ain't dry yet, it be ready in a second (Ah)
Forty chains on, halo, I'm a God, nigga
Fear of God jogger rockin' nigga, I don't even jog
Hangin' out the Wagen sunroof, pickin' niggas off (Brr)
The Mille with the chill bezel (Agh)
All my foreigns red, it make me feel special
Banana peel AK, I'm lookin' real extra (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
With the top keys, the money green Teslas (Skrrt)
Told Virgil, write "Brick" on my brick (Write "Brick" on my brick"
Write "Brick" on my brick")
Told Virgil, write "Brick" on my brick
Ayo, Amiris filled with cash, I'm in the fashion district (Ah)
Shoot your momma houses for a half a bicken (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
All my niggas dealin', all my niggas killin' (Brr)
The niggas tried to test me, now the nigga's missin' (Ah)
Meal quarters, I'm still awesome
Water whip coke, I still Voss, rosé out the faucet
Ah, tell Virgil, write "Brick" on my brick

Look, lil' brodie let off his .30, he ain't even flinch (Yeah)
Caught the body, dipped to the A, nobody seen him since (He got low)
560 Benz and I ain't need the tints (Vroom)
My weakest scent cost more than your momma need for rent (Hahaha)
That's just one zip, the drum rip, leave you rinsed (Rrah)
Hide the body for a week and it's gon' leave a stench (Smell that?)
Rappers come to my city, they gon' need consent (You gon' need a pass, nigga)
'Cause we already know you pussy nigga, we convinced (Hah)
I told Virgil, write "Brick" on my brick (Hah)
The nicest with this shit, ain't write this, I just spit (Woo)
White bitch on my dick, this ice drip on my fist
No shoe deal, but look at all this Nike shit that I get (Hahaha)
On Doat Street, it's white shit that I pitch
Two in the morning, on the corner, night shift with my blick (I got it all)
No soda in this Off-White shit that I whip (Hah)
I'm rich, put all this Off-White shit on my bitch (Haha)
So if it's smoke, we ain't even askin' (Uh huh)
We just pullin' up and somebody gon' see a casket (Boom boom boom)
Hall N Nash and Benny like James Worthy, Kareem, and Magic (Yeah)
Every time Griselda drop, this shit gon' be a classic (You know what's up)

Yo, I gave cocaine to users, and okays to shooters (I did)
I'm cocky, vintage Versace with the stone face Medusas
Sopranos, and Margianos, we got gold-plated Rugers
This pistol'll backflip you and blow your whole frame to Pluto (Brr)
Got all eyes on us, can we chill? Eatin' with snakes'll probably get him killed
'Cause trust me, every family had a Henry Hill (What up?)
And every man don't got a Benny skill (Nah)
When you this dope, it take least 50 mil just to sit me still (Ah)
Light ten on my whip, white bitch on my dick
Right wrist when I whip, that white brick on my brick
Runway Margiela, that type shit on my bitch
Butterflies and spikes, that type shit on my kicks
These rappers wanna be trendy, their hoes wanna be friendly (Nah)
But never, she wear Forever 21 like it's Fendi
I told that bitch is Givenchy, she pronounce that shit as "Givinchy"
She wanna fuck me and run through all my accounts 'til they empty
What would ChineGun do? I'm still thinkin' militant
Old paraphernelia layin' around, I got rid of it (That's out of here)
Then settled all my differences (I did)
I really had a chicken with a tree stamp like I stepped on it with a Timberland
The Butcher, nigga (Ah)