Don't Stop The Meter, Mack Songtext

Dan Hicks

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Don't Stop The Meter, Mack Songtext
Keep the meter running, mac
'Cause you dunno, I might be back
So just sit tight like a good ol' hack
I got to check this out

They say my gal's been pokin' around
With some guy on this side of town
Well, he better be hot
'Cause sure as not
There's gonna be a meeting of the minds

Say, who's turnin' green? I'm keepin' my cool
But that boy, he's got to be a fool
He can jack around with who he please
But hey, not my main squeeze!
I'm checkin' it out if you please

I'm checkin' it out
What's a guy to do?
I know three's a crowd
How 'bout two?
I'm checkin' it out beyond a reasonable doubt
If she's in there, here's what I'll do

But hey there cabbie, you're thinkin' a thought
That I might be doing something I ought not
Keep the meter running bub, I won't take a sec
There's something I've got to check

Nevermind that gun in my coat
There ain't nothing there and that's all she wrote
It's not Frankie and Johnny
But it's awful close
I'm bringing in a double dose

So mister hack, now you know the score
That I ain't goin' in all that sore
And keep the meter running mack
Just give out a shout
I've got to check this out

I'm checkin' it out inch by inch
I might have to make a citizen's pinch
I'll throw 'em both in the slam
And wash my hands of this whole scam

So keep that meter running, mack
'Cause you dunno, I might be back!
So just sit tight
Like a good ol' hack
I've got to check this out...