Don't Let Go Songtext
Looking for something
Anything when there's nothing that can light the dark

You're fading faster
A broken hearted disaster with a million scars

But I won't stand beside you and let the shadows take your life
I know there's hope inside you so would you help me help you Tonight

So reach out to me I'm taking you home
I'll promise you now you won't be alone - Yes I know
You'll never break or shatter
I'll go through hell so I can make this better
So reach out your hand I'm taking you home
Don't Let Go

No one is perfect
And everyone is deserving of a second chance

There's something special
Hidden in your potential we can find I swear

I know you shine like a star
I wanna see just who you are

And if you lose the will to fight
You just look right in my eyes - it's time.