Do You Ever Think Of Me? Songtext

Heaven And Earth

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Do You Ever Think Of Me? Songtext
You dream in days of future past?
Who said I told you?
Do you believe that love will last?
Who's there to hold you?
There was a time not long ago
Girl you used to be mine
Is it a crime I can't let you go?
Cause being without you, Inside I'm dying

Tell me when you're in someone else's arms
Do you ever think of me?
Tell me when you lay down and close your eyes
What do you see? Do you ever think of me?

So many nights I call your name
But you'll never hear it
Try to forget, but it's all in vain
Loneliness, I feel it
There's no escaping just what is true
No matter how I try
There's just no getting baby, over you
I could say that it's over, But you know I'm a liar

Miles away or worlds apart
I can't stop the way I feel in my heart, Oh no no