Do My Thang Songtext

Killa Sha

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Do My Thang Songtext
[Intro: Killa Sha]
Ayo man, come here to tell ya'll one thang man
(ya'know?), God do his thang man, (kildren, 2-5, AMK)
ya'mean? it's all serious like that understandin
(it's all of this, to shot illuminati)

[Verse 1]
Lay back God I am llumina one of the best
Kildren general at the top of the list
Mr. Hiss spit out for your slow gas niggaz
Talk too fast niggaz, blastin bash niggaz
I speak tunes infinite, savage ass niggaz
get affended cuz they crew ain't wit it
stop frontin and new wit it, ain't approve wit
move wit it dawg so Reeko could pass it on
I hover from storm, when I feel it the beef is on
Cancel wit my trustee and the kildren of corn
Jump on the horn two, five guns is long
It's real trust me dawg this just ain't song
I pound bangin bitches out in thongs
Have 'em ridin on the strip screamin, "who the fuck you wit"
I know you love the shit I bring (uh huh)
But fall back love let me do my thang, I do my thang

[Hook x2: Killa Sha]
To all your thug ass niggaz - ya'll know I do my thang
To your foul ass bitches - ya'll know I do my thang
To your fake ass niggaz - ya'll know I do my thang
To your trife ass hoes - ya'll know I do my thang
[Verse 2]
You see the type of nigga I am -- anti-social
Stay in the corner wit mine like I'm suppose to
If I don't speak - that means I ain't feelin you
And if you ain't god - shit I can't bail wit you
So don't press up, niggaz like you get messed up
All my kildren lie in the cut
so when you see me in an event, bent you know I got that thang
And I do my thang, my chain bling
I dare who-to press this king
cuz I stay on some scene shit like bang-bang
You even got bitches to bang and sling kane
You bangin kane in the six-four sittin on dames
You can catch me in the shade to the brains
Wit the 12 gage on the dash board for the game
So I do my thang

[Hook x2: Killa Sha]

[Verse 3]
Yo, so from here for foul ya'll know what I rep
Ya'll know the set, respect par' nuff for less
Like chess its a check so don't place your bet
Dry ass niggaz get wet or pipe press to the neck
Lil man's not known for being frail it ain't hard to tell
I hold weight on the scale
Through the valley of death I fear no evil
Theres no equal, when its on there's no sequal
peeps to my peoples who know who I am
Shot illuminati the god the holy man
Control the world wit his hands honesty's the plan
First we scan the million ya' see who I am
God sended knowledge man, at the parliament
World toleranced, illuminati off, the written words
From me to you, plain view, when I riped off
Respect duke, do my thang

[Hook x2: Killa Sha]