Die In A Lambo Songtext

Chaze Sharp

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Die In A Lambo Songtext
We ain’t sippin all night, do It coordinate
Waiting for a better life, do it befores to late
Imma crazy dog I bite, I got too much pain
I’m on my way I’m on my way

are u okay
Cause In ur eyes I see the rain
Cause In ur eyes I see these demons
Cause In ur eyes there’s a black side
Black side

Die in a lambo
Shooting broken hearts I need more ammo
Had a lot of friendz and now im alone
Baby eat my dust don’t like this friend zone

Please don’t wake me up
See the game over
Please god save my heart
When it’s all over
Now I feel I trust
Cause I ain’t sober
And I broke ur heart
Shoot, Range Rover

We need guap
We need god
Fucc a lot
Drink a lot

I overdosed
I had too much