Didn't I Songtext


von Ceito

Didn't I Songtext
What's up people?
Hello ,America!
All the states
You know I love my story,my story

I'm just story of a navicane
Who was broke and all he had was dreams
Had to learn to walk before he knew he had his wings
I used to pray to God
To bless me with some cash and means
I guess he didn't hear me
And I had to go through those savage things
South,South where I corrupt just an average team
We rather hang up to a block to have a path to see
And if a nigga tries to push it
Then you have to swing

Swing better,swing away
I hope you niggaz started get a waish
That will take you far
I just one to make a million light tomorrow
I just wanna play this shit up in the car
Now as I came,I was working with a mob
Now I could forget,I could be really cock
I haven't noticed music fill a path
Man,tell me what the hell is quit and start?

I did not do it
I did not do it
I did not do it
I did not do it

And is crazy
My city raised me and made me a man
Always had this day in my plans
The coorporate college tried to give me some plans
It's about how they wanna rock with my band
You know what I'm standing for
I'mma do the best that I can
But tell me what to do when shit don't advance?
About that,man
I got to goback on my ground
Homie,I got to make it to the promised land
And I get to see another thousand hands
I love you and your people and the smile of your friends
I want to see this equal come around again
And now if I could
I'd tell you to smile again
If you're equal then you're bound to win
So hold it,cause it got an end
And you know that you got a friend
I did it,momma
I made it
I'm a proud man

I did not do it
I did not do it
I did not do it
I did not do it