Departure Songtext
To die is to live,
and I'm not too sure what I've done.
I'm choking on the words stuck on the back of my tongue.

Mind over matter,
I don't mind that I don't matter.
Mind over matter,
I don't mind that I'm losing my head.

I'll try anything,
and never get a result.
How can I feel so alone?
I thought that things could only go up from here,
I can't see anything.

I see no hope in me,
day after day I dwell on past mistakes.
(Past mistakes.)

I see no hope in me,
night after night I toss and turn in bed.
(In my bed.)

This really isn't me,
its not how I should be.
I can't see anything.

The light has gone out of my life forever,
I'm blinded by the lies that I've been told my whole fucking life.
(My whole life)

It's not that I want to die,
I'm just tired of being here.
Instead of waking up,
I'd rather lose myself on my own terms.
(My own terms.)