Deception Island Optimists Club Songtext

Laura Barrett

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Deception Island Optimists Club Songtext
It must be, it must be awfully nice
Living in paradise on Earth
No matter, no matter what you do
All of your dreams come true only to be
So wish again
The sun is smiling
But always above you the idea raises its head

What would I do if the Earth fell apart?
What would I ?

And we can't find our way out of here
Just sit back and wait for the answer to appear
And you'll say the end is near

So many joys
There's no much time to spare
You'll never go nowhere alone
No more nights, no more agnostic nights
Sleeping one eye open to survive
Catch a star and tell it sweetly
I know all about you
And I
And I
And I
I'll never smile again
I'll never smile without you
I'll never change
I'll never grow
I'll never learn without you