Nic Le Ban

von Mehr Songtexte

I rest my head on a flower bed
Counting stars until I lose my way
Wondering how far and near I've been
And next to nothing I am

Just to rest in peace once again
Seems like a simple thing
All of these mysteries I'm swiming in
Whoah - nothin
An I look to the right
Only to see what is there
My trembling hand reachin for the door again
Only to find it openin from within

Within this place I'm in
I watch and listen
Learning the subtleties of whats been
And been taken
What I've got to give
Cannot be stolen
No matter how many illusions be thrown

A book of words and a poem today
My heart broken and healed again
Neither a drowning victim
Nor a Saint Samaritan
I know my integrity
May haunt them again and again
I rest my head upon a flower bed
One ear gently to the ground
Listening - Voices - Distant
Far off murmurs of sweet angels singing