Day of Wrath Songtext
Tenfold the dead outnumber the living
Will hindsight mark our time
The dark end or beginning

The hands of doom
Will strike the midnight hour soon
The sands of time will reap the whirlwind

I am the destroyer, the sword of Damocles
I hang above you for all to see
I am the poison that fills the air you breathe
This day of wrath

I am the slaughter of diversity
The rotting flesh of the deceased
I am the burning book that you are yet to read
This day of wrath the world shall burn

You cannot defeat me for we are twin
I rule the mindless mob, exhort the fringe

Each step forward a step toward your death
Survival is a two horse race
But who will take the bets

This day, this day of wrath
Will consume the world in ashes

Now your special status has been denied
Only so many shall live as have already died

I am the destroyer my armaments are three
Starvation, terror and disease
I am not bound by borders
I can strike across the sea
This day of wrath

I am the proselytizer devoid of sanity
I would the world be slaughtered for my belief
On pain of bloody torture bow to my authority
This day of wrath the world shall burn

You cannot escape me for I am within
I surround you I hem you in

I am the destroyer I can no longer be withheld
The growing madness consumes the world
Infest the seats of power the prophecy fulfilled
This day of wrath

I am the conflagration
That wrests the day from night
Obscure the constellations with blinding light
A final termination will purge the world of life
This day of wrath the world shall burn

The all-consuming fire will scorch the earth
But in your scattered ashes seeds of rebirth