Dawn For The Living (Live) Songtext


von The 1st EP

Dawn For The Living (Live) Songtext
Hear the masses crying out
When the dream of freedom was torn apart
Blinded believers gathered on
The night we knew insanity had won
The force of hate was moving their hands
When the darkest of times just had begun

30's German population
Bought for racial violation
"ain't It right? - Führer - we'll fight"
Won't they hear their desperate cries
Not a sound - to deny
"oppression on - watch your tongues"
Victims of insanity
Would have perished anyways
Deaf! stupid innocents
Pissed off by themselves
Children fed to irrelevant
Medical experiments
Work; pain will set them free
Mengele's philosophy...

Soon "hail" will grow dump in the streets
Abandoned, the nation fell to its knees
Blinded, believers gathered on
The night we waited for the bombs
The force of rage was blinding their eyes
Diction of madmen controlling their minds

Monuments of liberation
Yield to hate and desecration
Peace is what they want
"wait for '39' to come"
Not Arian ones go to hell
If they can't prove they are as well
Communists take all your breath
Ignorance will give you death
You'd better run
And hide your creed
Nazis know no boundaries