Collegiate Boy Songtext
Collegiate Boy Tellem
He's got the new dance for yall, called the collegiate boy
You gotta wiggle then you superstep 3 times
Collegiate boy up out that door
Semiformal on that floor
Get your ticket, bout to go
Stay fresh as you know
crank dat CA boyx4
collegiate boy up out that door
watch him wiggle watch him walk
hit that spot and walk that talk
on november 9th better watch that clock
serious is bout to drop
outsmarting haters man
turn up that k-so
dancin is too insane
we late with no passes
and if we get to thinkin
then we straight a in classes
you catch me up in the metro
yes i crush it every day
haters gettin mad cuz
it's a little bit away
i'm bouncin in dress clothes
look at the tie i just chose
i'm gonna look fly with gator skin on my toes
haters wanna be him
collegiate boy he's the man
they be lookin at him
like 'what is that dance?'
'what he do?'
i get two
betcha can't do it like me
nope can't do it like me
can't do it like me
man i got some nikes
i'm too fresh up in that formal
roll with cook and roll with gornall
watch me crank dat academy
and superstep that flow
superstep that flowx4
i'm too fresh
go to school
watch gornall be real cool
watch me crank dat collegiate boy now super fresh
super fresh, SCHOOL!x4