Coffin Bachelor Party II Songtext

Ghost Cat

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Coffin Bachelor Party II Songtext
Like the last fall when we tied ourselves to beds
where we felt the need to crawl inside each others skin

When the lamp collapsed and we felt the ends of earth
the silence coming from, the touch of our last instances

So dear, I write this as a fading memory,
the leaves are turning,
orange, red, and brown
like the skeleons they leave
as they releave our eyes
of any hope
So collapse to the floor,
i swear I did, as we misunderstood what our purposes were,
or was
I don't know

And what have I lost,
just the anticipation of where I was suppose to be
Should I have spoken your name a little louder?

It pours out sweetly, from the tip of my tongue,
yet so rough to the slightest touch
And if I break apart my structure to conform to your touch,
like carefully plucking my teeth as if carrying me in seas
to seek some truth, of every picture we left, to the wave of your hand

And it's colder now then the day you begged me to come home,
everyone has to be alone
and that is where I lay amoungst these bones

Around the same stories ending
where I'm fearing the worst and it's helping me, well, not fear
It's that I hoped that I wasn't lost in the sentence
and you would always remember,
my poorly written words
as we sang in the basement

Now you say that you miss me
yet, you spend all your time
finding the ones you love

And that secret stays with us,
and I'm all alone
though I screamed it, I couldn't say a goddamn thing

I never left it open, save the message, we're shaking
and I'm sorry if you missed it

It was the skies and trees and the hope you placed in me,
but these bones are just bones
and I'm still shaking until I can't anymore