Cock Of The North Songtext
Cock Of The NorthOh cock of the northwith the dream in your handmy love has come hometo this beautiful landand he comes through the doorwith his eyes like the sunand his kit´s bags are fullof the treasures he´s wonAnd below the old broomthere´s a tall luggin´s taila bat and a crowand the jaws of a whaleand our kitchen is fullwith the smell of the seaand all of the richnessmy love brings to meCome gather your treasuresby our gardens and roomsand bring them alongto the sweet little bloomswith the sun in the morningand blaze on your chestoh my love has come homefrom north by northwestAnd here in these bedswe will lay and we´ll sleepyes, we´ll lay and we´ll listento the sounds of the deepand as long as the summerwe´ll sleep winter longoh my loev has come homelike King Salomon´s son