Clap For That Songtext

Noel Gourdin

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Clap For That Songtext
[Ghostface Killah:]
Somebody said jelly just walked in the room
Must be my night, cause somethin told me to bring my spoon
Got bread, and honey love, excuse my goons
Got wheels, but I wish you could ride my broom
Your walk is killin em softly, your ass is thick
Bellydancing all night with your massive hips
You make me wanna scratch and sniff
If I go down low, I gotta get it
[Noel Gourdin:]
Look at it, ooh, it's remarkable (yes it is, yes it is)
The way it moves, it's the star of the show
Ooh, it's incredible, the way you make it shake like that
Tell me, how do you do it? Make it bounce like a 64 Cadillac

[Chorus: Noel Gourdin]
Do I gotta clap for that, ooh, cause it's remarkable
Make you wanna clap for that, oww, it's so beautiful
Whooa, do I gotta clap for that

[Noel Gourdin:]
Said it must be jelly, baby cause cake don't shake like that
Gotta get it on the morning, be like wow, just like the cat on your baby fat
How do you do it? The way you shake it, break it, drop it, and ya
Don't even hurt a thang, nooooo
Cause the way that you workin it, you make me wanna dig deep down in my
Pockets and give ya everythang I got

[Ghostface Killah:]
How the hell did your mama, girl, push you out?
With an ass like that, you were born to bounce
But yo, I never rode a horse
But you got that giddy up girl bustin out your shorts
Your style is sexy, your drawers is lefty
Wedged up, lemme pull em out, your front part lookin all pussy
I'm a poo poo burgler, can't trust me
Don't gimme that face like you dyin to fuck me

[Hook: Ghostface Killah]
Shorty got a mind that walks, I'll clap for that
Shorty got a mind with [? ], I'll clap for that
If she got a real big ass, we smashin that
Gimme that cootie girl, I'll answer that
Do somethin for your fans, keep flashin that
You lookin for the kid, like 'where the bastard at? '
Have you pullin out your hair, raise [? ] and [? ]
But anyways [? ], that ass is fat

[Chorus x2.5]