Cheating At Grief Songtext

The Bell Beat

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Cheating At Grief Songtext
“Your dad was in an accident… He fell asleep… I'm at the scene.
Dreamed about his restless head laying calmly in bed.”
While you… You rush in rain, slip on wet leaves
There's too much to see or believe.
If the call was faked I should be on my guard.

The embers fly in hot, black, and charred.

“Are you sure you don't want to talk? It's good to get it out.”
Cathartic tears pathetic pouts won't help these secrets of doubt.
Happy times, memorable moments,
flash bulbs, and incandescent eyes.
You say I should talk or the cliche, “Go for a walk…”

Speaking in past tense for one pence. A moment.

The pipes are calling, from glen to mountain.
While cheating at grief, wallowing eyes from a thief's ducks.