Can't Choose Songtext
Tight dilema that just got you
Got your legs on two crutches
Facing decision, good starter for derision
Life or work, is life worth it ?
Why should I deny and force it ?
Because it's absurd
Vacation in suburbs
Grow herbs
My skin's bleeding
Banging coz no sleeping
Shit I'm cheating
Understand and forgive
One gave hand others believe and achieve
Know you care for vacation
Trust it's also my position
Boss says not enough production
Harass to enjoy the sun without fun

I Can't Choose
It's too hard when you're mind's a big bruise
Dida dida, should be this guy
This guy's a soldier that could save ya
I Can't Choose
It's too hard to satisfy
Bobby, bobby, kiss up dolly
Dolly got you like a liar

Baby bought our ticket
In best bargain market
Magic carpet works good
Best deal my friend, my dude
What ?
Got yourself a seat in first class
Promise it was the last
At least fasten your belt and get a beer glass
This is it . . .
Ok let's talk lady
All I do, all I do lately is pay
I've been explaining
I don't have that much money
This is it . . .
I know I drive a limo
Could buy myself a caro condo
My bro's a doctor
Told you with me good exposure
This is it . . .


So why don't you be nice,
Always put wine in the wrong glass

my ass, I won't repeat it twice
Dice and frozen ice
Making my life a pain
Baby can't you stop to complain
Too bad I'm not your dad
Although you should me glad and not sad

I know you too good to say
Honey please can we just stay
You're addicted to A day
Mayday 'cause I don't do with this way
Finally got me to be
Perfectly touristy
Thousand dollar big E
This is a souvenir from Los Angeles City


This is it
This is it