Call On Me Songtext
There goes the sunshineHere comes the rainAnd heartache painsWhat can I do but wait for youDarling, the days I have look coldNow our separate ways we goIt seems you want moreTha nthe love I can giveWell, I can?t make you stayAnd you?ve got your life to liveBut if it gets too roughCall on meDreams of golden glareTaking you away from hereBut if ever thing that has to beTurns you dreams aroundLove and understanding?s what you needIf you can?t get enoughCall on meI?m so sad you?re leavingIt?s gonna kill me not to be with youBut I want you to be happyIf partying?s what you wantThen I want it tooSo goodbye with all my prayersFor your happinessIn a world elsewhereShould you arriveAnd it?s not thereCall on meCall on meYes, happinessDwells for you elsewhereRemember thisShould you arriveAnd it?s not thereCall on meCall on me