Build Your Own Disaster Songtext

Ice Nine Kills

von The Burning

Build Your Own Disaster Songtext
This isn't easy
Easy to notice
That we're stalling
And I'm getting on your nerves
This isn't last year
When we were both happy
That we'll get what we deserve

This is moving a mountain
But it's trying our best
gets me losing control
As you're getting undressed
This is a wake up call
Wake up to all we've ever loved

And give it up
Don't turn away
This time could be different
You're making this difficult
Just thought I'd let you know
That when you leave
I'll be starting a new life on my own

Cus it's a constant tragedy
Connecting you and I
And I love when I hear you say:
I want to feel alive
I want to be with you one more night
Just you and I
And the city lights
We'll do it one more time
Except this time we'll get it right

I've got my subtleties
That distinguish me from all the liars
Cus I always satisfy her
Well she says:
Give me my pictures, give me my pics
You want me to
Now we're a one way street
And I'm just gravity
They can't stop tearing down our dreams
(To every moment that I'm burning alive)
I used to think you cared
But tonight I'll realise


I don't think I need you now
Cus I don't want you
I don't want to see you

('s gonna haunt your dreams
like a fucking nightmare
I'm watching you)

I bet, bet we forget
Forget everything this year
I'm making sure we don't speak a word
Cus lately you're finding brand new ways to hate me

I bet, bet we forget
Forget everyone this time
It can't be undone
You cover up so easy
20 bucks says you're guilty now

So I give up and I give in
And If I'm lucky
You fade away
(Just fade away)
Well won't you fade away?


(Thanks to JessicaG for these lyrics and to DownfallSilas for these corrections)