Bucca Di Cappo Songtext
You me smoke out for two, for two
Confessions but to high with you, with you
She called herself a whore I said your more like a tramp
She called herself a liar I said I dont give a damn
Cause Im too damn gone, just sing this song
Time ticks slowly with you, I rather not lose control

Like stars we float, like stars we float,
We're breaking hearts for two
Cause I remember every morning glory
Flashing lights with every star having stories
I never dreamed of this, It's Like Ill never miss
The real world

Oh my God i think its fading now
It all boils up and comes right back around
This is the first time the last time I'll say dont try
Quiet Quiet Stop!
I think she's coming back to haunt me
I'm sure shell never stop