Broken Oars Songtext


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Broken Oars Songtext
I've lost my sight in these clouded lies
I never wanted for you to find out
I kept it all inside
I can't confide, god knows I tried
It's hard to sleep while these demons haunt me all hours of the night

These brittle broken oars
Aren't able to row me ashore
Take my words and wring them dry
So just forget these things
And let me drift on out to sea
I'll give you anything other than me

I can't relate
I'm losing faith
But I know I'll see your face again

Your broken bones will mend
While mine stay laced with malcontent
All my shallow misshapen words are yours
Just say what you mean
I can't take back what I've seen
I've hung myself with the noose that you wove
You won't ever know

I can't relate
You've lost your faith
I doubt I'll see your face again

I see your brown eyes the close from the spark
I can never hold your heart
If you believe me I will seek the best
Hope to live in happiness

Hope to live without this mess.