Body Thief Songtext

Faster Pussycat

von Whipped

Body Thief Songtext
Do you take what's in the box, or what's behind door 213
Chocolate man's gone crazy, he's in the oxford up the street
Gonna take the Green river boat ride
With a Sea-Tac walking ho
With a cast of killers, Black and Decker drillers
Fucked up mental load
Hides the hooded zodiac, hey baby what's your sign
Got San Francisco shaking like the San Andreas line
Chuckie's selling time share at the San Quentin country club
Gien the mean lone furniture fiend
Selling tickets to his house of blood
The sweat beads up as the devil in you
Winds your ticking time bomb
And lights your vicious fuse
Gone, gone daddy you're really gone
On your bed of tales you somber on
Gone, gone daddy
You just a Body thief
Gone, gone daddy you're really gone
Does it get you high, does it turn you on
Gone, gone daddy
You just a Body thief
Teddy scared my mother and the collegiate debutant
Clicked the switch and watched him twitch, he fried the bastard raw
Jeff got one foot in the closet, one hand in the cookie jar
That ain't Palmolive you're soaking in
It's the flesh remover sauce