Blood Darkens Songtext
The hate I feel / Grew fonder than our love / All pain and torment devour
A flower blooms / Made glass shine clear
Bright like your face / Pain still unearned
Scared eyes fall on us all

Black beauty follows a red ugly / Insanity dwells in the minds of man (x3)

Taking for granted / All that is unclean / Forsaken noises / Broken hearts
Turn happy minds
Into coal
Forests of our faith / Flow fondly
Our desire to love / is red as blood
In love and darkness sorrow prevails over all
Excessive blood grows until dawn
We have become the Faith of the Fallen
Kill the life you took on your own / follow the stars / forget our moon
Tears of blood / drip from a statue of our lord
Feathers fall / children grow wings / A proverb of power
A sentence of doom / light floods our floor
And darkness becomes / our room