Blood And Oil Songtext
Well. there's a little house

Back there in the woods

Kudzu vines have torn aprt

Everything they could

There's a place beneath the floorboards

Where she kept her letters hid

And it tells the secret story

Bout the awful things she did

Now the rain and worms have

Turned her words back into the soil

But the ground is drowned

With blood and oil

A stranger came to town

Selling magazines

Door to door he'd tip his hat

To every girl he'd see

And before too long

He knocked upon

The window of her house

It was then that she begain to wonder

What life was about

And pretty soon his hat hung on a nail inside her door

And her hands were stained

With blood and oil

Soon he went away

And she was alone

Her husband wrote from Normandy

That he was coming home

He had fought the Germans bravely

In the villges of France

The letter slowly fluttered out

From her shaking hands

And she knew she couldn't face him

And pretend that she'd been loyal

And she cried bitter tears

Of Blood and Oil

Hour after hour

She paced the little room

She felt her stomach tighten

With the certainty of doom

He would never understand

Just how lonely she'd become

So she packed a bag of clothes

And a bottle of his rum

And she disappeared into the world

As the night uncoiled

And she left behind a trail

Of blood and oil