Bite Your Smile Songtext

The Deuce Project

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Bite Your Smile Songtext
I came alone tonight
I know she's sleeping tight
My conscience at the door
Come on, and let me down one more

Ain't into wasting time
Get yours and I'll get mine
I see you passing by
Come on, let's rock all night

You bite your smile
While you sit there just posing
And it's not my style
But hey, who's opposing?
I catch your smile
And I'm not really knowing
If I should stay or just keep moving on

I know you're glad I came
Your body calls my name
You know I feel the same
By the way, repeat your name

Let's find a place nearby where we can run and hide
Your body's next to mine
By the way, repeat your name

Chorus (Repeat)

I came alone tonight
I hope she's sleeping tight
Pick my clothes off the floor
And I'll be out the door